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AUTER Electronics Ltd.

Since 1989 Auter Elctronics Ltd has been producing PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and membrane switch Boards (Foil tastatures).  We are able to make design of these products if we receive the basic information from our customer. 

In the last few years we noticed that the demand

for flexible Printed Circuit is growing. We focus on satisfying the most various demands by developping

new methods of technologies.

Since 2011 we have been producing ALU based and Teflon based printed circuit boards. For this production we use the base materials:  RO3000, RO4003, RO4350, LX300 Rogers duroid, RF35 Taconic, FR25 Arlon, NX9000 Nelco etc.

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Small and medium quantities

Our company, AUTER Electronics Ltd has been a member of the Hungarian electronics market since 1989. Since our foundation we emphasize the production quality, the continous development and our customer's satisfaction. Our Quality System has been cetrified according to ISO9001:2015 standard by Bureau Veritas since 1997. Amoung our colleagues we have many people with 30-40 yeras of experience in this field. They help us to improve and to be competitive in the market. In many cases we develop a special product and the technology to produce it for the demand of customers. We manufacture prototypes within 24 hours from the input Gerger data. If there is not any Gerber data we can make the design from PCB sample or from scematic drawing with the help of our electrical engineer colleagues. At the end we produce the same rigid or flexible PCB, tastature or front foil.

Our main products and services

We are pleased to serve you with the following products:

NYÁK gyártás

PCB manufacture

Rigid and flexible Printed Circuit Boards, multilayers, rigid-flex PCBs
Előlapfóliák gyártása

Front foil production

Screen printing technology in multicolor or printing of graphic foils
Fóliatasztatúrák gyártása

Membrane switch board production

Rigid or flexible PCB based membrane switch boards (tastatures)


The secrets of printed circuit boards (in Hungarian)

Prototype production

Single and double side printed circuit boards within 24 hours EXW, multilayer printed circuits within 48 hours EXW
Egyéb szolgáltatások

Other services

Electrical test by ATG A2 and ATG A3 flying probe testers


Summer closure: 26/07/2021 - 06/08/2021.

Opening day: 09/08/2021.

AUTER = Made in Hungary!

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Our colleagues

Our staff helps you every working days from 8:00 to 16:00 by telephone +3614037365 or e-mail