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The history of Auter Electronics Ltd.

The company was founded on 1st of March, 1989. Its location is in Budapest, in the 16th district at the industrial area where the old EMG was located with 2.000 workers. Auter Ltd was producing printed circuit boards and switch boards (foil tastatures) at the beginning. The origin of our name is from here: ® AUtomatikus (AUTomatic) TERvezés (design). In 1997 the sociaty purchased the area of 1600 m2, which had been hired for 8 years. 

The continuous development can be seen chronologically:

The year of foundation

The company was founded. First the activity has taken place in hired offices and factory plant. The main activity was production and design of printed circuit boards and membrane switch boards.

Starting to be exporter

The company has a member from foreign country and starts the activity of exportation

Manufacturing process with own machinery and employees

As it can be seen that the range of products must be increase the apport of the machinery starts in this year. Some well-trained employees are the part of the group as well, their knowledge of PCB business is highly appreciated. The market situation is better, the number of orders increases.

ISO9001 Quality System Certification

We obtain the ISO9001 Certification amoung the first companies working in industrial electronics.

Construction, expansion of the company location

As the start of the innovation process our copmany created the offices of CAM department, management and customer service. The offices are next to the area of production, which is a facility of 1600 m2.

The proprietors and the managing director changed

The structure of the foundation has been changed. New Managing Director starts working in this position, former sales manager, one of the owners. One of the other owners starts working personally in the company as Technical Director:

  • Renovation of the production facility, ready to the future innovations
  • The focus on maintenance of machinery, investments for the modernization
  • IT background and modernization of the network system.

The year of stabilisation, enhancement of foreign trade

The year of stability. The main goal is to have stronger position on the market. For the more intensive communication on the foreign market the company has new position, the Director of foreign trade and the IT manager.

Network system development and effective communication in foreign trade can be seen in the value of the turnover.

The self-designed AuterInfo System is set up. The production preparing, customer service, information background and the production has been working from this own-designed software, database since then.

Investment of machines, obtention of the UL Approval

We import many refurbished machines to help the manufacture of products in very good quality. We obtain the UL Approval for PCBs. Our file number is E229809 ZPMV2 (WIRING BOARDS)

The year of marketing, membership of EIPC

We emphasize the marketing activity on the market, domestic and also in foreign countries. We still make some new machines' investment and installation for the quality improving and for the efficiancy. Our company becomes member of EIPC as only Hungarian enterprise. European Institute of Printed Circuits.  Members are here: EIPC Members

Leadfree technologies, the new challenge

We install our horizontal  immersion silver line, which we buy from Occleppo (Italy) to satisfy the new customer needs. This line is very up to date in its chategory and we chose this line to make the leadfree surface finish of flexible circuits as well. The machine is PLC controlled, we can save energy and we are able to protect the environment.

Leadfree technologies, further investments

További ólommentes technológia bevezetése, ólommentes tüzión szelektív bevonat biztosítása, mely a legszélesebb körben használt bevonatnak bizonyult.

Installation of further equipments in the production area

We install new routing (milling) machine, V-Cut, scoring machine, we instal the black hole technology, which help us to save energy cost, reducing the water consumption.

Development of multilayer PCB production

This year we start to modernise our facility of manufacturing multilayer Printed Circuit Boards. We make our technology to be up to date, we buy new pressing tools and in 2017 we finish the installation of our HML vacuum pressing machine. We develop our immersion nickel gold line, we buy new laser plotter, we buy new, much faster LENZ drilling machine for drilling 0,15 mm diameter plated through holes.

Installation of new galcanic line to make smaller PTH diameter

We install new PLC controlled galvanic line, new machines are purchased such as scoring machine, flying probe tester, FSL acid etching machine (horizontal) for flexible printed circuits (FPC).

New shop for acid etching technology, new FSL etching machine line for flexible circuits

We install FSL acid etching machine that helps the production of flexible printed circuits in mass production. We develop our immersion silver line at the same time. The surface of immersion silver is less sensitive for oxidation and fingerprint touch as before.

Develop of the immersion nickel-gold line

We start the installation of the base of the immersion nuickel gold line, for this project we ask sponsorship. We will increase the capacity of ENIG process with 100%.

29 years on the market

Our main goals are still the satisfacton of our customers, the increase of production capacity.

We emphasize that our company has been on the PCB market for 29 years. Our website is new!