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Front foil

Front foil, graphic foil

This product is an aesthetical appearance of keyboards or other handling applications. The front foil is mainly screen printed from the back side with more colours, sometimes embossed and has water clear window at the places of matt base foil to habe better visuality. It has very good phisical and chemical properties, water, oil, acid resistant. It protects the products from contamination, pollution. The simple froont foil does not contain electronic components such as LEDs, connectors, domes. It is only the foil we can say. The graphic foil can be an end product itself with or without adhesive on its back. 

We ask the graphic design in Corel Draw 2019 program. 


It cannot contain, pasted pixelgraphic elements, color gradient, effects, (e.g.: DXF, AutoCAD).



Minimal width of symbols in case of screen printing is 0,2-mm (line, objects, legend types, logos).

The legends must be converted to „curve”.


           Transparet, waterclear area, LED transparent area, 4x


Background, logo, legend, button, icon: Blue PANTONE 548 


                                           Buttons, corner, Logo contour: Silver

                                                       Yellow line: PANTONE 716


Material is polyester Autotex V150 (Autotype), acid, alkaline chemistries and water resistant, easy to clean (Autotex datasheet) 

Adhesive on the back is LOHMANN, 3M double side adhesive. (Lohmann datasheet, 3M datasheet).

We make the graphics by screen printing technology by layers. 


The colours can be prepared according to PANTONE Matching System or RAL codes (not RGB or CMYK ...).


There is an opportuntity to make transparent color window (for example LED or display) green, red, blue, yellow.

To have better visibility we can make water clear window by special painting.


Embossing: we prepare special tool for this technology from 1,5 mm copper sheet, and by etching technology we make deep holes 0.4- 0.6- 0.8-mm.

The contour line wished to be embossed must be wider than 0.8mm.

We need markings of embossing areas to be sent in different layers in the file.

We can make embossing of whatever shapes, contour line or surface areas.


Our laser cutting punctuality is +-0.05 mm.

We use targets for fitting, of which tolerance can be +-0.2 mm.

We suggest the reduction of the tastature by 0,3 mm comparing the outer size of plastic or metal box, in which the foil will be placed. 



Membrane switch boards

This product is where Front foil and PCB (rigid or flexible) is combined.

This way the operator is one unit. It can include the buttons, LEDs, connectors, hold-down bolt, on back side double-side adhesive.   
PCB data requested in Gerber 274-X format and NC drill file, or drawing prepared in Corel Draw program, in some cases schematic drawing is enough for us to design the tastature. 

The base material of the carrier:

Rigid: FR4 wide range of types

Flexible: PET   GTS Flexible Materials Ltd company GTS 5500 base material

Further base materials from this company:

Flexible: PET + Silver ink connections

Flexible: Polyimide (Kapton) GTS Flexible Materials Ltd company GTS 7800 material

Flexible: CT5 125 µm carrier, silver ink screen printed

Metal dome


Suggested footprint:


LED is a part of the membrane switch board where normally the front foil is transparent. In case of SMD LED it is necessary that the front foil is embossed this way we create a cupola (dome) to compensate the height of the tastature to the height of the SMD LED. 

We suggest the cover of this part by an opal, transparent white or black paint so that the LED itself and its surrounding is not visible. It looks better.

The connection of Printed Circuit Boards in the Membrane Switch Board


Assembly points

SMD connectors (FPC)

Header board (debugging): with 20 pins or less / SMD 2,54 partage (only for 1,55 mm FR4 or thicker base material)

Flexible cable (min. 1 mm partage) 0,3 mm stiffener

Flexible cable + FCI Clincher (single row partage 2,54 mm)

PCB rivet for snap rivet circuit (only for 1,55 mm FR4 or thicker base material)

The base material of tastature's PCB

The base material of circuit carrier:

Rigid: FR4 wide range

Flexible: PET   GTS Flexible Materials Ltd company GTS 5500 material

Further base materials:

Flexible: PET + Silver ink

Flexible: Polyimide (Kapton) GTS Flexible Materials Ltd company GTS 7800 mterial

Flexible: CT5 125 µm carrier, screen-printed silver ink