Fast and trusteable Partner in PCB production

As a demanding professional, do you want to produce your custom electronics products to the highest possible quality and on time? We can help you by designing and manufacturing premium quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) and custom front-panel films!

Fast reply

We respond to your request within 1-3 hours

We work fast

PCBs or graphic foils within 24-48 hours production lead time

30+ years on the market

Since 1989 we have been relevant participant of the market


30+ years experience in PCB manufacturing

Design and manufacture of Printed Circuits (PCB)

Are you looking for a trusteable long-term partnership in single, double or multilayer PCB, rigid, flexible or rigid-flex manufacturing? Our team specialized on PCB will assist you with their help 100% specialized on customer demand in production and technology of PCB.


Production based on 100% customer demand

Front foils, tastatures

We help you in design and manufacture of professional keyboards, switch boards, display foils created in unique form. Screen printed by multicolor, matt or shiny, embossed or colour transparent or with waterclear windows. You can ask for built-in circuits, rigid or flexible.

Let us help you with good quality PCBs and graphic foils.

Design, production and electrical test

Our professional team will give you the maximum help in design and manufacture of PCBs, graphic foils and membrane switch boards. If you need to make test of the operation of your present product, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Our services

Design and manufacture of Printed Circuits (PCB)

As the biggest PCB manufacturing company owned by Hungarian strategic investors in Hungary we help you in design and professional manufacture of your printed circuit products with 100% special demands. It can be single side, double-side, multilayer PCB, flexible, rigid or rigid-flex we use our 35 years expertation in the field to satisfy your demand. We supply to you this way the highest quality PCB boards.


based on special demand

within 0


Design and manufatures of front foils, membrane switch boards, tastatures

Are you looking for the best solution for graphic overlays design and production? Let us be your Partner in PCB and keyboard manufacturing making 100% special design for your request. We help you in design and manufacturing of professional keyboards, switch boards, display foils created in unique form. Screen printed by multicolour, matt or shiny, embossed or colour transparent or with waterclear windows – within 24 hours! Our team will be at your disposal from the plan to the quality control at all time. You can be sure that our own-produced graphic foils will be delivered to you at high, constant quality.

Our work will be at your service

Not only design and manufacture of professional printed circuits (PCB), graphic foils you can find in our product range but we do electrical test of circuits produced elsewhere, we make rework of missing technology steps if needed. And furthermore with our professional training we help PCB users broaden their knowledge based on our 30+ exprerience.

Professional training

We help engineers designing printed circuits to be produceable, by broading their knowledge and make their work more efficient.

Prototype production

We can supply your printed circuits or graphic foils within 24 hours in professional quality.

Test and rework

Printed circuits produced elsewhere (PCB) we are realible partner in test and rework.

100% competence. 100% guarantee

About us

We have a professional team with more than 30 years experience in the field of printed circuits and membrane switch boards. This way we can ensure you to trust in our capabilities that is the production of printed circuits combined with graphic foils. We guarantee the constant, good quality and our process is qualified by ISO9001:2015 standard.

Specialists behind the name Auter Electronics

Our colleagues knowledge is priceless in the field of materials used in PCB production, machinery, technology and test methods. All of the members of our team, all the 36 persons work on the stage of design, production and quality control for which their professional knowledge and exprience is present.

This is how we make our client sure of good quality of our printed circuits (PCB) and screen printed foils.

1 day production lead time of printed circuit (PCB)
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The Auter Electronics in numbers

In the past 30+ years we were able to make the everyday work of clients preparing electronic devices, making assembly of printed circuits more efficient.

2.750.345 db

printed circuits

459.621 db

graphic foils, membrane switch boards


satisfied client


participants at our special training

Ask your 100% special offer from us!

For making the most relevant offer for you please give us some details about your printed circuit (PCB) and/or front foil! We will be at your service within 1-3 hours and we can harmonize all basic information for the offer for production.

What happens after sending RFQ to us?

After you send us all the necessary data we will contact you within 3 hours at the e-mail address you informed us about. This way all the details can be clarified easily to make 100% personal offer for You.

If you have any further question regarding design or manufacture of the product you can contact us: