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The secrets of Printed Circuit Board


2x8 hours training, in Hungarian language, it is organised in May and in December. The Microsolder Ltd has its actual education program, which gives information about correct dates. The link is the following:   Education program

The target of the training:

Basic information for the assembling companies, for the employees who work in technical, sales and quality control fields or at CAM department, circuit designers. The training helps to understand the special properties of PCBs, the types, product range, built-up, surface traitments, requested quality properties and will help to recognize the mistakes and defective PCBs. Additionally the traing will lead you how to work with PCBs to avoid the mistakes.  


The method of the training: Training in theory and in practice, Power Point presentation with videos of manufacturing facility. We present the steps of the PCB production rigid and multilayer. Consultation and questions are welcomed!


Our main products and services

We are pleased to serve you with the following products:

NYÁK gyártás

PCB manufacture

Rigid and flexible Printed Circuit Boards, multilayers, rigid-flex PCBs
Előlapfóliák gyártása

Front foil production

Screen printing technology in multicolor or printing of graphic foils
Fóliatasztatúrák gyártása

Membrane switch board production

Rigid or flexible PCB based membrane switch boards (tastatures)


The secrets of printed circuit boards (in Hungarian)

Prototype production

Single and double side printed circuit boards within 24 hours EXW, multilayer printed circuits within 48 hours EXW
Egyéb szolgáltatások

Other services

Electrical test by ATG A2 and ATG A3 flying probe testers


AUTER = Made in Hungary!  

The new pneumonia COVID-19 does not have any effect on our PCB production in Hungary, we do not outsource the PCB production in China.

Please see our company's short video here:


Our colleagues

Our staff helps you every working days from 8:00 to 16:00 by telephone +3614037365 or e-mail