Széchenyi 2020


AUTER Elektronikai Kft.

1163 Budapest, Cziráky u. 26-32

+36 (1) 403 7365

Moday-Friday: 8:00 - 17:00 Saturday, Sunday: closed

The main activity

One of the most important activity of AUTER Electronics Ltd is the production of Printed Circuit Boards.

We produce rigid and flexible printed circuits. Our CAM department and technical specialists do their best to develop products according to the new demands of customers. We emphasize the development of multilayer PCBs, which we have been producing up to 8 kayers since 2007. 

The base materials we use for PCB production: 


Thickness of base materials: 
0,2 - 3,2 mm

Thickness of copper clad: 
18, 35, 70, 105, 140 µm

CNC controlled SCHMOLL, PLURITEC and LENZ machines
Smallest diameter: 0,15 mm 

Creating of the layout:
Screen printing
RISTON dry film 
Photo solder mask (SD 2054 I)
Minimum insulation width: 120 µm 
Minimum track width: 120 µm 

Galvanisation of the layout:

Black hole technology to prepare the PTH for galvanisation

PLC controlled galvanic lines 
Copper thickness in the hole: 
min. 22 µm 

Surface finishes: 
Hot Air Levelling (HAL tin-lead and HAL leadfree, RoHS)
Thickness of the tin-lead or tin surface: 12 - 25 µm 
ENIG (Immersion Nickel-Gold)
Thickness of the plating: 0,1 µm
Immersion silver
Thickness of the plating: 0,2 - 0,3 µm 
Organic Solderability Preservative (O.S.P.) It uses a water-based organic compound

that selectively bonds to copper and protects the copper until soldering. 

Solder mask coating (protects from soldering):
UV curing; application and imeaging by screen printing
Thermal curing: 2 component  
Visual appearance (green, blue, white, black colours)
Peelable solder mask

Legend print: 
White, yellow and black colours

Hard gold, gold plated connectors: 
galvanic and selective gold plating
Nickel 5 µm + 1,5 µm gold

Mechanical finish: 

CNC routing / milling 
CNC V-Cut / Scoring

Quality control:
Visual and electrical test 
ATG A3 and ATG A2 flying probe tester

IPC-A-600-J Acceptability of Printed Boards; Class 2.
Other service: 
Pressing plat for SMD assembly, yellow copper, thickness:  150 µm