Production of small and medium quantities

Our product reange is really wide in point of  product types and quantities and lead times. Most often we produce fast prototypes but we have some reorders of bigger quantities, not mass production but medium quantities with many different lead times. We work in 2 shifts with 42 employees. Our number of employees do not change for years.  We do our best to have really good maintenance of mour machinery and we have increased the number of machines in the past few years. We have at least two machines of the same production step to have safe production.  

Consistent efficiency

Since our foundation in 1989 we emphasize the importance of manufacturing quality, the continuous development and satisfaction of our customers. Our Quality system is certified by Bureau Veritas we have ISO9001 Certification. Our Printed Circuit Board are UL approved.

Our turnover has been slightly growing in the past few years and we do our best to enlarge the product range together with our clients. 

Activity on many fields

The main activity of Auter Electronics Ltd is the design and production of Printed Circuit Boards, membrane switch boards and graphic foil or front foils. We also make screen printing of conductive inks; we produce flexible and rigid-flex PCBs and since 2011 we have been producing Aluminium and Teflon based PCBs for high frequency applications.  RO3000, RO4003, RO4350, LX300 Rogers duroid, RF35 Taconic, FR25 Arlon, NX9000 Nelco etc.


We inform you, that our office and factory will be closed from
29 July to 9 August, 2019 because of maintenance.

Opening day: 12/08/2019.