Design and production of front foils and membrane switch boards

You can resign the design, production and electrical test of your unique front foils and membrane switch boards!

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We manufacture our front foils and membrane switch boards (foil combined with printed circuit) in our own factory using our technology of design and manufacturing and we so we add the professional skills of our team in this field for more than 30 years.

Unique front foils with or without embossing

Normally these foils are used as displays of technical equipments in aesthetical way. The front foil itself does not contain electrical circuit with buttons, LEDs, connectors. They are individual products with adhesive on the bottom.

The base material of front foil is an excellent quality polisetre (Autotex V150), which has very good properties, it is resistant to acid, alkaline, water and different chemicals and UV light. This way it can provide trusteable protection against contamination.

Normally we use screen printing technology and the colours are printed from the back of the foil, it means they can not be removed. You can ask matt, shiny, ambossed or smotth surface and waterclear window.

Ha több technikai részletet is szeretne megtudni az előlapfóliák készítéséről, akkor olvassa el az erről szóló írásunkat!

What kind of information will be needed for the production?

CorelDraw file
Texts should be converted to curves
Minimum thickness for screen printing is 0,2 mm
Pantone Matching System

Membrane switch board graphic foile combined with printed circuit

The main difference between the graphic foil and membrane switch board is that we produce not only the foil but a circuit and we combine them as electrically funtioning spare part.

These professional membrane switch boards contain LED, connectors and screw for fixation. For the production it is also possible to choose from qualified base materials made for flexible circuit.

If you need we are happy to help you even in the designing process.

If you would like to know more about the production of membrane switch boards please read our article.!

What kind of information will be needed for the production?

Gerber file (PCB)
NC drill file
CorelDraw file and Pantone Matching System (Foil)
Schematic Drawing (if needed)

Step by step

Design and production of foils and membrane switch boards (keyboards) in 5+1 steps

If you need your front foils, membrane switches from a professional supplier, here we are to help you. We produce your orders to satisfy all your demands. Quick turn means 24 or 48 hours, produced in our factory.


Contact us for fast price oofer in email or on-line, you can receive our reply within 1-3 hours


Our technical team is here to help you to design all deatils of the graphic foil or membrane switch according to your special needs.

Prepare for production

With the system CAM350 we make the data received from customer to be ready for the production in our machinery.

Production of foils and membrane switch boards (tastatures)

Thanked to our qualified materials, professional tem and reliable machinery the production of foils and tastatures is fast, flexible in our factory with the help of our own-designed AuterInfo production management system.

Electrical test and final check

We do not know compromise in the qulaity control of our products. We guarantee that you receive exactly the product you were waiting for.

Delivery: Personal or transportation

The foils or membrane switch boards we can supply after 24 or 48 hours production lead time when it is needed fast.

Why it is worth to make production in our factory?

When we design the membrane switch boards it is extremely important that all its elements are placed in the right position,. Qualified base materials are necessary for the good quality because this graphic foil will protect the keyboards from acid, dust, different fertilizers and UV light.

If you would like to combine your foil with printed circuit, you can leave the test of the final product on our professional team.

High attention

As Hungarian producer we do our best to choose qualified base materials for the production of printed circuits and membrane switch boards.

From first step to the last

We help our customers in design, production preparation and all along the manufaturing process until we get the membrane switch board ready and electrical tested.

Quality assurance

Thanked to our professional team and innovative technology you can be sure that the foiuls and printed circuits are in accordance with your expectations.

Ready within 24 or 48 hours

Akár már 24-48 órán belül átadjuk önnek egyedi igényeinek megfelelő előlapfóliáját.

Ask your 100% special offer from us!

For making the most relevant offer for you please give us some details about your printed circuit (PCB) and/or front foil! We will be at your service within 1-3 hours and we can harmonize all basic information for the offer for production.

What happens after sending RFQ to us?

After you send us all the necessary data we will contact you within 3 hours at the e-mail address you informed us about. This way all the details can be clarified easily to make 100% personal offer for You.

If you have any further question regarding design or manufacture of the product you can contact us:


No, the prices are EXW do not include delivery cost.

Not, this is a single cost we do not build in the unit price either. You have to pay for it when you order this printed circuit the first time. After that you do not need to pay it again only if there are any modification on the prnted circuits which effects on tooling.

Tha deta of order is the 0. day, it means that we will be ready with the product 2 days later. It is more safe if the techical data arrives before 14.00.