Printed Circuit Board preparation and production

You would like your unique products to be produced in highest quality and you need in-time delivery? We help you to design and produce your PCB boards or graphic foils at the highest level.

What kind of Printed Circuit do you need?

Our team specialized on PCB will assist you with their help 100% specialized on customer demand in production and technology of PCB wheter you need single, double-side or multilayer rigid printed circuit or single or double side flexible prted circuit or rigid-flex PCB. We support you with 24 or 48 hours production led time in high quality.

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I. Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Our most important field of activity is the PCB production, design and electrical test. We offer professional background from input data to delivery.

From the data preparation to the delivery

The preparation of PCB is made by electrical engineers with the help of CAM350 system. We prefer Gerber 274D or 274X input data for manufacturing and we need NC drill file (Excellon, S&M etc.).

The relevant information about the printed circuit can be sent in DXF or DWG format.

After receiving all necessary information our own-designed AuterInfo System will help to direct the production checking the test and production periods.

What kind of information will be needed for the production?

Gerber file

(f.e. 274D, 274X)

NC drill file

(f.e. Excellon, S&M)

Information about base material and surface finish

(base thickness and copper thickness)

II. Multilayer printed circuit boards

When you place an order for multilayer PCb it is important to attach all the layers design in the Gerber file and special drill file (format: Excellon, Sieb & Meier 1000 and 3000). If you have a requested stack-up please attach otherwise we will built up the multilaer according to the requested final finish thickness (it is called free built-up). It contains the order of layers the type of used materials and final thickness. It is important that the thickness depends on the pressing parameters, the inner layer copper thickness, the Prepregs thicknesss and resin content. The tolerance of final thickness is +/- 10% according to relevant standards and our 30+ expreience (multilayer).

If you need help for the stack-up to be able to produce do not hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues are experts in the field and they can help you from preparation to the production and electrical test of the final product.

Nyomtatott áramkörök 1

What kind of information will be needed for the production?

Gerber file

(f.e. RS274-X)

NC drill file

(f.e. Excellon, S&M 1000 and 3000)

Information of stack-up

(order of used material, type and thickness)

1 day production lead time of printed circuit (PCB)

III. Flexible printed circuits

We can produce high quality printed circuits not only by rigid but flexible base materials if it is single or double sided flex circuit. The main point of the technology is that we produce the layout on a thin flexible material and this way we will create the printed circuit.

There are two base group of manufacturing flex circuit, we can produce from copper clad flex material or from PET material using conductive ink.

Flexible circuit based on copper clad flex material

The copper plated flexible circuits' manufacturing technology is very similar to rigid PCB production. But in this case the base material is not FR4 but polyimide or poliester material. Their thickness are: Poliester and polyimide is 25, 50 or 125 micron (only from PET).

The base copper thickness is 18 and 35 micron. The surface finish is always chemical, immersion silver or immersion nickel-gold.

We create the contour by laser cutting that works from CorelDraw file.

Flexible PCB manufactured from PET material using conductive ink

This solution we use mainly for tastatures, membrane switch boards where the base material is a heat stabilized PET (f.e. CT5)

We create the layout with conductive ink (silver ink) by screen printing technology.

Then we put in the owen for curing.

What kind of information will be needed for the production?

Gerber file

(f.e. RS274-X)

NC drill file

(f.e. Excellon, S&M 1000 and 3000)

Information about base material and surface finish

(base thickness and copper thickness)

IV. Rigid-flex printed circuit boards

The rigid-flex PCB is a combination of rigid and flexible printed circuit where rigid and flex layers are connected across plated vias and plated through holes (PTH).

The production technology is similar to multilayer PCB production so we take very similar factors into consideration when we prepare the data for production.

So we need Gerber files and drill files for each layers.


What kind of information will be needed for the production?

Gerber file

(f.e. RS274-X)

NC drill file

(f.e. Excellon, S&M 1000 and 3000)

Information of stack-up

(order of used material, type and thickness)

Professional services

Design and production of printed circuits in 5+1 steps

If you would like to be sure that your printed circuits are designed, manufactured and tested in the same place, you can leave your work on our team specialized on printed circuits.
We will prepare your flexible, rigid or rigid-flex circuits within 24 hours according to your special demand.


You can write to us using our Contact sheet, in e-mail or call us by phone! Our colleagues will contact you within 1-3 hours to clarify all important details of your PCB production.

Revision of the files and documents

Our colleagues help you to make your product ready to produce regarding all technology details.

Prepare for production

Our team members are electrical engineeers and they are ready to prepare the Gerber files in CAM350 for the start of the production.

Production of Printed Circuits

Thanked to our qualified base materials, innovative machinery and special team, the process of Printed Circuit production happens fast, flexible and in professional circumstances (with the help of the own-designed AuterInfo system).

Electrical test and final check

We do not make compromise during manufacturing of our Printed Circuits (PCB). Their quality is assured and tested by ATG A2 and A3 flying probe tester machines.

Delivery: Personal or transportation

We are ready to provide your Printed circuits within 24 or 48 hours. Then we can make the delivery to your location.

Miért érdemes nálunk készíttetnie nyomtatott áramkörét?

Today you have many possibilities for ordering your printed circuits. But many times these sources are not emphasise quality but price and thanked to very big distance you have to wait weeks for your products even if you order from Hungarian distributors.

It happens that printed circuits do not functioon properly, do not meet expectations clarified in documentation or in Gerber data so finally after long delivery time, the client is still not satisfied with the solution to make its own electrical final product.

High attention

As Hungarian manufacturer we make high attrention on the quality of the base materails that we use in the production of prionted circuits.

From first step to the last

We help from the phase of design until the test of the ready printed circuit boards.

Quality assurance

Our quality management system will help us to assure the quality of printed circuits, the materials and other specifications to be in compliance with the specifications of documentation and customer demand.

Ready within 24 or 48 hours

Your printed circuits can be ready within 24 or 48 hours in case you need it fast.

Ask your 100% special offer from us!

For making the most relevant offer for you please give us some details about your printed circuit (PCB) and/or front foil! We will be at your service within 1-3 hours and we can harmonize all basic information for the offer for production.

What happens after sending RFQ to us?

After you send us all the necessary data we will contact you within 3 hours at the e-mail address you informed us about. This way all the details can be clarified easily to make 100% personal offer for You.

If you have any further question regarding design or manufacture of the product you can contact us:

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) regarding printed circuits

No, the prices are EXW do not include delivery cost.

Not, this is a single cost we do not build in the unit price either. You have to pay for it when you order this printed circuit the first time. After that you do not need to pay it again only if there are any modification on the prnted circuits which effects on tooling.

Tha deta of order is the 0. day, it means that we will be ready with the product 2 days later. It is more safe if the techical data arrives before 14.00.

Gerber 274X és Gerber X2 formátumban kérjük és ne felejtse el csatolni a bevonatra, alapanyagra és rézrétegre vonatkozó információt, valamint a nyomtatott áramkör kontúrvonalát tartalmazó layer-t.

We can make the design for your with the help of isoStack® Calculator from ISOLA. We know exactly which type of base materials we have on stock.

We use polyimide and poliester materials in different thickness (25, 50 and 125) and base copper thickness (18 and 35). For rework and assembly polyimide is more suitable.